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Sports Floors

There are sports floors and there are sports floors! Sport & Venues can offer a range of sports flooring systems to suit all sports including multiuse sports floors and sports specific surfaces. What’s important to you is also important to us, Quality performance, long lasting, peace of mind warranty and value for money! We can tick all those boxes as we represent established manufacturers who are leaders in their field and importantly provide quality systems that are certified by independent governing bodies and perform in all conditions.


Ace Floors & Coatings, specialists in the supply and installation of quality products for the Sports and Leisure industry. We offer an extensive range of items to ensure we pass on an affordable fulfilled outcome for everyone involved in our projects, from Architects, Client, Builders and user groups. 


Part of the Ace charter is to source sustainable eco-friendly products and systems with full compliance to the relevant codes and regulatory bodies. We have a full range of FIBA, Din and EN certified flooring systems for sport, multipurpose and commercial use.

Herculan Sports Surfaces
, established in 1988 produce a wide range of seamless sports & multipurpose non sport surfaces.

With the use of recycled Australian car tyres providing the sprung base layer and a fully water based polyurethane top coat system Herculan has been independently certified by Eco Specifier as a green ecofriendly producer of quality sports surfaces. Herculan systems can be used for all types of ball sports and non-sports use including concerts, exhibitions and assemblies. Being seamless the Herculan range is easy to clean and unlike sheeted vinyl systems has no joins to split or lift and can be resurfaced.