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Slippery surfaces around aquatic areas have forever been a problem for facility owners and managers.

Life Floor is a new surface for aquatics with industry leading traction, comfort, durability and infinite design possibilities that finally solve this problem.


Life Floor is a closed cellular polyurethane rubber product and is designed specifically for wet areas where people walk in bare feet.  


Life Floor tiles have two incredible features:

  1. Cushioning: if someone does fall, the built-in cushioning will minimise bumps and bruises.

  2. Traction: Life Floor is slip resistant without being abrasive, soft for bare feet and becomes even more slip resistant when wet and comes with a P5 Slip Rating

With lots of colour options and textures, Life Floor will soon become the surface of choice for all wet areas where personal safety is paramount.


Water Parks, Slide Towers & Play Areas

Aquatic playgrounds need a surface that is soft, slip-resistant, and engineered to be walked and played on barefoot. Life Floor tiles are perfect for water parks where kids are running, jumping and crawling through play features.


Swimming Pools

Everyone loves to walk on Life Floor – especially swimmers. Bare feet stay comfortable on cushioned, slip-resistant tiles that mirror natural materials.


Zero Depth Entries

Life Floor makes zero depth entries so much safer with industry leading traction - even underwater. Using specially engineered reducer strips, pool users will transition from Life Floor to water seamlessly.


Change Rooms

Life Floor tiles are mould resistant, mildew resistant and antimicrobial making them perfect for showers, restrooms, saunas, and changing room areas.


Safety flooring

Life Floor tiles are mould resistant, mildew resistant and antimicrobial making them perfect for shower bases and bath floor areas where safety is important.


Recent Splash Pad Installation at Julia Creek Queensland 

The only safe anti-slip floor tile that offers More Slip Resistance when it gets wet!